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Digital Mortgage Software Product

We developed this platform to assist financial services and real estate industry. It is a home loan management tool that helps manage documents submitted by customers, keep track payments, monitor disclosure requirements, remind approval or scheduled payment by email or SMS.

Property Trading

Flexible Solution has challenged the best way of doing things in property investment. We mainly target to transform the property trading industry, provide comfortable way for all traders and increase efficiency with multiple specialized technologies.

Project Management

We provide custom software product to align with your company's internal workflow and Standard Operation Procedure. Following international standard from the beginning of software development life cycle: gathering requirements, analysis till maintenance phase.

Loan Management Software

Managing loan lifecycle & secured lending online/mobile app, with user friendly dashboards, Manage borrowers, loans, repayments, and reports. Software developed for cash lending industry.

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Ultimate Customization

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Fast Performance

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Day to day IT Support

Is Your existing IT team unable to Solve IT Issues within business? We can provide certified IT support team to your office and responsible for daily IT support/Helpdesk and training allowing your business to grow even faster.

Core Business Application

Don't you know legacy systems drag your business down? Our team is ready to work around or transition away from legacy technology, therefore, you improve user experience, leverage the smart automation, cloud infrastructure and and integration to modern tools leads to expanding your business.

IT Cost Reduction

Are you suffering from over budgeting for IT monthly/yearly cost? We have experts to review your contracts, licenses, organizational structure, and processes flow to figure out the root cause then we can resolve to save on IT operation cost.

Scale Up Your Business

We offer a complete set of tools and platforms to grow and manage your organization. A range of systems for HR, IT, Finance, Marketing and Sales departments.

Behind our work

Code that we used to built the product with integrating apps

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Flexible Solution is an outstanding IT solution company established with perfectness in mind during the year 2015 and malignly focusing on many areas such as: Property Installment and Clients management system, Project Management, Financial software such as Loan Management System (LMS) product etc….

In term of Talent acquisition, we employ high-class professionals with multiple years of experience in IT in complex projects development and challenging IT solutions. We invest heavily on unique solutions for various businesses within the agreed budget and a timeline. Software products and solutions developed by our technical engineers, are acceptable and follow the standards locally and internationally.

We have a clear vision, mission and our own value...

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